Meet the CLI team that helps health plans and interpreters navigate CMS star rating criteria

If you work for a health plan that deals with CMS call center monitoring every year, you know how much pressure there is to do well during these calls.

Health plans rely on over-the-phone interpreting services to complete the secret-shopper-like calls conducted by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) every year. These test calls grade the availability of foreign-language interpreters and TTY service. Successful completion of these test calls contribute to the star rating awarded to each health plan by CMS, and you and your staff probably spend a lot of time preparing and training for these calls.

Interpreters are integral to acing these calls, but how do language service providers ensure that interpreters are well informed and know what to listen for?

Here at CLI we have a CMS Success Team dedicated to engaging interpreters throughout the call monitoring season, disseminating useful information, reviewing calls, conducting internal testing, and coordinating with clients.

These individuals have diverse roles here at CLI and coordinate between our account executives, clients, and interpreters to make sure CMS call monitoring goes as smooth as possible.

To learn more about how our CMS Success Team, what it does, and how CLI helps clients faced with CMS call monitoring, click here to download our guide to Language Access and CMS Call Monitoring.