Behind the Scenes of CLI’s New Video

Several weeks ago, without a lot of fanfare, we introduced our new website, which also has our brand-new company video situated on the home page. Despite the quiet understatement of our unveiling, we are incredibly excited about our new website and video, both of which were the result of many months of our re-branding initiative that aimed to showcase Certified Languages’ commitment to embracing language diversity and breaking down communications barriers across cultures.

As you’ll see from our new video, this isn’t your typical corporate advertisement. In CLI’s short, 80-second video, we took a route that was more conceptual to portray the significance of communication through professional interpreters and translators, and to represent CLI’s unique qualities.














To convey the importance of connecting across languages and cultures, we selected 5 words that are renowned for being incredibly difficult to translate from their language of origin. We worked with some of our interpreters in those languages to come up with the most culturally accurate definition of each word that we could — bearing in mind that these words are highly subjective and hard to capture in a short phrase. In the video, we present each word on the screen, along with the language of origin and the definition on the following screen, while the unfolding scenes behind the words reflect their meaning visually.














The video was all filmed in Oregon, shot at numerous locations over the course of four days. The sites varied from a dance studio in a beautiful old building in southeast Portland, to Indian Beach on the coast at sunset, to the awe-inspiring Smith Rock in eastern Oregon.














We had a full crew complete with six professional actors, a creative director, a director of photography, a producer, and an art director, not to mention various assistants who no doubt were indispensible during the filming process.

On behalf of all of us at CLI, we would like to give a special thanks to the creative director, Slater Dixon, who was integral during the long creative process that took us from scribbling ideas on Post-it Notes in our conference room through filming and the painstaking process of editing down more than 6 hours of footage into less than two minutes of finished product. We most certainly could never have done it without his amazing professionalism, resourcefulness, and talent.

Our goal was to evoke the emotional resonance of the interpreting services we provide by emphasizing the complexity of language. We sincerely hope you like it! Please feel free to share it with friends, family, and on social media to help us gain more exposure about the critical and fascinating role of interpreting.

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